Bogardus and Teachey Establish Noble Aim Consulting

Professional consulting firm helps coalitions achieve systemic change.

Expert change management professionals Dr. Laura Bogardus and Mike Teachey have joined forces to establish Noble Aim Consulting, a company with a mission to help coalitions build the capacity to achieve systemic change.

“Coalitions set out to tackle some of their community’s most important issues but are commonly stymied by the complex challenges that occur along the way,” explains Bogardus. “Mike and I are drawing from our collective 30 years of experience to provide coalitions with the strategies, methods, and coaching necessary to achieve the systemic change they seek, and their communities need.”

The idea for Noble Aim Consulting came after Bogardus and Teachey’s paths crossed while working on a community coalition designed to achieve equitable opportunities for people with disabilities. Bogardus’s rigorous academic training proved to be a perfect complement to Teachey’s exceptional group facilitation skills, and together they were able to achieve remarkable results for the coalition. Both have significant experience working with community partnerships focused on tackling tough issues.

Noble Aim is able to assist any type of coalition, regardless of size and scope, including governmental and quasi-governmental; community collaborations and funding organizations; and public/private partnerships.

Dr. Bogardus is widely considered one of South Carolina’s most respected authorities on workplace and change management issues. She has specialized expertise in fair hiring practices and disability inclusion, and is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences, lead workshops, and provide expert opinion to news media. A distinguished Marano Fellow of the Aspen Institute’s Sector Skills Academy for Innovative Workforce Strategies, Bogardus is also a Certified Senior Human Resource Professional, a ProsciR Certified Change Management Practitioner, and is also formally trained in the process of civil mediation.

Led by defining core values of fairness, equality and social justice, Teachey’s work has impacted communities across the United States – from conflict resolution programs in rural Montana, to improving graduation rates in Nashville, to establishing camps for children with cancer and physical and intellectual disabilities. A longtime resident of Greenville, S.C., he was instrumental in nurturing a partnership between the Greenville County Recreation District and the Greenville Hospital System (now Prisma Health) that established one of the most successful rails-to-trails projects in the U.S. His subsequent leadership of the Greenville Collaborative Action Network (CAN) has helped that coalition become a national model for achieving common goals for the benefit of all.

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Communities often face complex issues that can only be addressed when individuals and organizations work together toward a shared vision. Yet, managing the unique personalities and priorities of stakeholders can sideline your coalition’s ability to produce systemic change. Drawing on 30 years of experience, Noble Aim facilitates an engaging process that provides the clarity and confidence you need to reach unprecedented outcomes. Don’t settle for small advancements.