Change is hard. We can help.

Communities often face complex issues that can only be addressed when individuals and organizations work together toward a shared vision. Yet, managing the unique personalities and priorities of stakeholders can sideline your community’s ability to produce systemic change. Drawing on 30 years of experience, Noble Aim facilitates an engaging process that provides the clarity and confidence you need to reach unprecedented outcomes. We can help you identify and achieve your noble aim.

Our Services

Noble Aim Consulting’s specialty is helping people work together to accomplish challenging goals.  We primarily serve non-profit organizations, community collective impact partnerships, public / private partnerships, and associations.


Services for Non-profits
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Team Building
  • Facilitation
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Evaluation
Services for Collective Impact Partnerships, Public/Private Partnerships, & Associations
  • Organizational Development
  • Planning:  Strategic Plan & Strategic Playbook
  • Community Asset Mapping
  • Community Conversations
  • Consensus Building
  • Conflict Management
  • Research & Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Collective Impact / Coalition Management
  • Association Management

Dr. Laura Bogardus, Co-President

Mike Teachey, Co-President