Noble Aim Consulting Partners with Disability:IN

Noble Aim Consulting has been chosen to provide consulting services for Disability:IN, the world’s leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion.


Under the agreement, Noble Aim will provide custom consulting services for companies participating in Disability:IN’s Inclusion Works program. Inclusion Works is designed to help companies create an inclusive workplace culture and develop a sustainable recruitment strategy.


“We are privileged to become part of Disability:IN’s select, worldwide network of disability inclusion consultants,” says Noble Aim Co-founder and principal Dr. Laura Bogardus. “Our goal is to expand upon the outstanding progress that Inclusion Works has made to date so that systemic change is ultimately achieved for individuals with disabilities around the world.”


Some of the world’s most recognized brands participate in Inclusion Works, such as Amazon, Coca-Cola, Google, Nike and Starbucks. Between 2014 and 2020, Inclusion Works companies increased their new hires of individuals with disabilities by 29,000%, from 339 to more than 100,000.


Bogardus and her business partner Mike Teachey have more than 30 years of combined experience helping companies and coalitions achieve systemic change, including the specific area of disability inclusion. Some of that experience is explained in this case study.

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Communities often face complex issues that can only be addressed when individuals and organizations work together toward a shared vision. Yet, managing the unique personalities and priorities of stakeholders can sideline your coalition’s ability to produce systemic change. Drawing on 30 years of experience, Noble Aim facilitates an engaging process that provides the clarity and confidence you need to reach unprecedented outcomes. Don’t settle for small advancements.