5 Common Blind Spots

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5 Blind Spots that Prevent Coalitions from Producing Systemic Change

A coalition is formed when individuals and/or organizations seeking common change come together to tackle a difficult, wide-ranging issue. Typically, the change that coalitions strive to accomplish does not fall within a single entity’s sphere of influence or control. By working together and developing consensus on a shared purpose, individual organizations are able to expand their perspective on the issue and broaden their sphere of influence. Thus, the collective impact of a coalition can typically produce change more effectively than any single organization alone.

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Communities often face complex issues that can only be addressed when individuals and organizations work together toward a shared vision. Yet, managing the unique personalities and priorities of stakeholders can sideline your coalition’s ability to produce systemic change. Drawing on 30 years of experience, Noble Aim facilitates an engaging process that provides the clarity and confidence you need to reach unprecedented outcomes. Don’t settle for small advancements.